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The biggest mistake is to give up too quickly

Work it daily, to get it!

You can achieve short term weight loss easily by following silly radical diets.  When the diet ends, it is typial that you regain weight with interest each time.   Meaning, your over all weight just keeps increasing each year.  So if you are fed up with the roller coaster ride, I will coach you to lose weight by the following three principles:

1.   Eating a little of everything. There is no forbidden food.

2.  Eat guilt free, to control non hungry, emotional and boredom eating

3.  Work on your mindset, to create a permanent and sustainable new lifestyle

My goal is to help show you what you don’t know, which will highlight why you might be struggling to lose weight.  The information received via Helen’s advice and support is so unique, it can’t be Googled.  

Helen is so committed to helping you achieve your health goals, she understands that time and finances can sometimes become a barrier to receiving help.  

There are three areas Helen Coaches in:

(1)  General weight loss

(2) Weight Loss Surgery

(3)  IBS


Let’s GO

Become the BEST version of you

Achieve Your Desired Results.

General Weight Loss

To receive support to lose weight, manage your diabetes or cholesterol levels, you can consult with Helen Bauzon on an individual basis. All details can be seen here.

Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery support post your band, sleeve or bypass (Roux en Y or Single anastamosis) can be managed via four options:

  1. individual consultations
  2. Online presentations
  3. basic 12 month program
  4. 12month unlimited support program

Irritable Bowel Disease

Many people Helen consults have completed every medical test and still no answer has been received to verify the cause of cramping, bloating, loose bowel motions or constipation.  Helen will verify the likely cause on review of a food and symptom diary and suggest an appropriate management plan.  Click here to book your individual appointment.

You Will 


Stay on track for life


Eat a little of everything guilt free


Overcome self sabotaging behavior


Move your body to increase your muscle tone

Get Your Goals