Consistent action over time, achieves your goals.
The biggest mistake people make, is to give up too quickly.

Helen is only interested in helping YOU lose weight LONG TERM. 

I am not interested in short term results.  Anyone can follow a stupid diet, with huge restrictions for a a few weeks or months for an event.  Long term, this only results in weight regain plus interest.  So if you are fed up with the roller coaster ride, I will coach you to lose weight by the following three principles:

1.   Eating a little of everything. There is no forbidden food.

2.  Eat guilt free, to control non hungry, emotional and boredom eating

3.  Work on your mindset, to create a permanent and sustainable new lifestyle

Helen can help change your life around in 3 main ways:

1.  Individual consultations in the clinics, Berwick, Mulgrave, Doncaster, Glen Iris or Williamstown

2.  Nutrition workshops face to face and online

3.  Health Coaching, including daily unlimited support

The three main areas of special interest that Helen manages include:

1.  General weight loss

2.  Weight loss surgery; Lap Band, Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass, Gastric Balloon

3.  Irritable bowel disease

How Is Your Financial Health ?  

Great health can be achieved at greater levels by managing your stress levels from a  financial perspective. 

I see many people feeling trapped in a rat race finding it difficult to find a way out. 

It is for these reasons, that I am working on a 60day  business program to help people increase their passive income, increase their income and diversify your income streams.


The first pilot program will begin in October.  Feel free to register your interest, to be notified of the program details and be eligible for a once off 50% discount.  

You will also receive a FREE report of three key steps you can implement in your business, which will enable you to increase you consultancy at no cost to you.