Guarantee your Weight Loss Surgery Success

Avoid the commonly made mistakes ?

My Gastric Band Is No Longer Working?

You will learn what the problem is.  Is it the Gastric Band, do you need to modify a few habits, is another surgery the only solution?

I need help to manage my emotional eating, post surgery

To gain control of my weight again

Consistent Action Over Time, Achieves Your Goals

The biggest mistake is to give up too quickly

Work it daily, to get it!

Helen can help you with both your HEALTH & BUSINESS goals as summarized below

When you engage with Helen to be supported with your HEALTH GOALS to lose weight.  You will be coached to learn how to eat a little of everything guilt free, to enable you to lose weight and keep your weight off.  Most people know what to do, but need help to implement the changes.  This is Helen’s passion and focus as your dietitian/life coach

When you engage with Helen to be supported with your BUSINESS GOALS, the first step is to engage in a complemtary business investigative session to ascertain how Helen can help you diversify and grow your passive income.  This will be as part of your current Health Business or you may be seeking to start up something new and join Helen’s Coaching Business, to utilize her automated Health Program immediately.

General Weight Loss

To receive support to lose weight, manage your diabetes or cholesterol levels, you can consult with Helen Bauzon on an individual basis. All details can be seen here.

Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery support post your band, sleeve or bypass (Roux en Y or Single anastamosis) can be managed via four options:

  1. individual consultations
  2. Online presentations
  3. basic 12 month program
  4. 12month unlimited support program

Irritable Bowel Disease

Many people Helen consults have completed every medical test and still no answer has been received to verify the cause of cramping, bloating, loose bowel motions or constipation.  Helen will verify the likely cause on review of a food and symptom diary and suggest an appropriate management plan.  Click here to book your individual appointment.

business coaching

Learn how to build a Highly Profitable Health Business and avoid burnout.  This is relevant for epople who wish to grow their cirrent business or start an online health business.  To learn more, click here.