Consistent action over time, achieves your goals.
The biggest mistake people make, is to give up too quickly.

Helen is here to help you LOSE WEIGHT and KEEP IT OFF. 

You can achieve short term weight loss easily by following silly radical diets.  When the diet ends, it is typial that you regain weight with interest each time.   Meaning, your over all weight just keeps increasing each year.

So if you are fed up with the roller coaster ride, I will coach you to lose weight by the following three principles:

1.   Eating a little of everything. There is no forbidden food.

2.  Eat guilt free, to control non hungry, emotional and boredom eating

3.  Work on your mindset, to create a permanent and sustainable new lifestyle

My goal is to help show you what you don’t know, which will highlight why you might be struggling to lose weight.  You can Google as much as you would like. 

However the information received via Helen’s advice and support is so unique, it can’t be Googled.

Helen is so committed to helping you achieve your health goals, she understands that time and finances can sometimes become a barrier to receiving help. 

So her package programs, certainly offers more support than just individual consultations on their own.

Helen can help change your life around in 3 main ways:

1.  Individual consultations in the clinics, Berwick, Mulgrave, Glen Iris or Williamstown

2.  Nutrition workshops face to face and online

3.  Health Coaching, including daily unlimited support

The three main areas of special interest that Helen manages include:

1.  General weight loss

2.  Weight loss surgery; Lap Band, Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass, Gastric Balloon

3.  Irritable bowel disease