Live Life To The Maximum

The purpose of the 12 month plus weight loss surgery (band, sleeve, bypass) program is to help individuals:

    1. who have just had weight loss surgery to be intensely supported, especially in the first few months, to manage your surgery correctly and avoid complications
    2. who are dissatisfied with their clinic nutritional/health coaching advice and motivation, and are seeking an alternative to get back on track
    3. who had surgery for a while and need help to refocus and stay motivated and on track, to lose more weight and prevent weight re-gain

The 12 month plus program includes the following features:

    1. one 30min individual consultation 
    2. full access to the nutritional, mind set and weight loss surgery specific videos.  
    3. unlimited 5min phone inquiry, email or sms support, for 12 months
    4. monthly weight loss surgery specific (band, sleeve & bypass) conference calls on a Tuesday night night 7.15-8pm, meeting is recorded and can be accessed for future reference
    5. monthly 1hr online zoom personal development presentation, presented by Helen Bauzon or guest speakers to keep you on track
    6. access to a private facebook group, specific to your weight loss surgery

The reason this is a 12month plus support program, is the PLUS.  All the balded points of 4-6, do not end.  With a one off FEE of $495, you are connected into the community on an ongoing basis with no extra cost.

The purpose of this program is to help everyone with weight loss surgery:

    • maximize the effect of their weight loss surgery, to feel satisfied for longer
    • stay on track, motivated and accountable
    • prevent old habits rearing their ugly head which could sabotage your weight loss efforts
    • Avoid you becoming confused and frustrated by reading posts from other individuals online and be miss guided.  It will only hold your progress.

Helen Bauzon is often asked by her clients, if she has had weight loss surgery.  Do you wonder why?  Because she understands your needs.   She has had her own challenges in managing her weight, hence why she promotes learning to eat a  little of everything guilt free and to never diet and count calories again.

In addition, professionally, Helen has counselled thousands of people pre and post their weight loss surgery, since the year 2000.  She knows what works and has presented her unique approach before her peers at weight loss surgery conferences.

The combination of a unique, practical and fun approach to weight loss combined with over 20yers experience in the weight loss surgery industry, will guide you to your personal success.

If you would like to clarify any questions, please contact Helen on 0413 265 296 and leave a msg if goes to voice mail.

To book in, you will be taken to Helen’s membership site, where you will gain immediate access to the full range of videos.  Helen will then contact you within 24hrs to organize your individual appointment and set up your follow up support.