Dietetic Appointments: available as Telehealth (zoom/phone) at present.

Face to face appointments will commence in 2022

Feel free to book in using the calender or contacting the clinics directly for alternative days that are not highlighted within the calendar

Please contact Helen directly to organize 1hour health/lifestyle coaching




  • You can book into your zoom or phone meeting using the calender below
  • Available dates for appointments are highlighted in blue, on other days please call the clinics directly


Telehealth appointments only for now.

Please call the clinic directly to book your appointment

  • BERWICK:  call 9709 2777, to book in 
  • 7 Gloucester Ave Berwick
  • Every second Friday (9.30am – 12.30am)
  • Once a month on a Saturday (9am -3pm)


  • MULGRAVE:  call 9709 2777, to book in 
  • Suite 2, Valley Private Hospital
  • Once a month on a Saturday (9am -3pm)


  • WILLIAMSTOWN:  call 9397 2223 to book in
  • 93 Ferguson St, Williamtown
  • Monday (8.30am – 12.30pm), one a month
  • zoom or phone meetings can be scheduled also


  • GLEN IRIS: call 9805 1500, to book in. For CBS patients only
  • 314 Warrigal Rd, Glen Iris
  • Wednesday and Thursday (alternating) 8.30am – 12.30pm
  • zoom or phone meetings can be scheduled also


Appointment fees and how to claim are detailed below



  • Cost of the initial consultation is $120.
  • Cost of the review consultation is $70.


  • On making a booking, an email will be sent in response to new client booking to complete some paperwork in advance
  • All appointments (new and review) will require pre payment, the latest 48hrs prior to confirm your appointment.  An email will be sent prior to your appointment to help you organize this


  • If an appoinemnt is missed, the full fee for the consultation will cover the cancelation fee


Money can be claimed back one of two ways:

(1)  Private Insurance – you need extras that includes dietitian, you will be provided with a receipt to claim

(2)  Medicare – your GP will need to organize an EPC (enhanced primary care plan). This allows you to claim back $54.60 during telehealth COVID, from each appointment.  For the initial consultation, you will pay the $120 and Helen will organize your medicare rebate. Regarding your review, you will just need to pay the $15 gap.