Diversify and Increase

Your income in your health business

By 6 figures, without burnout

What we do

Teach you how to:

  1. Attract new clients into your business
  2. Progress from classic one to one education, to, one to many
  3. Increase the number of income streams
  • Only offering individual appointments, there is an absolute cap to the potential of your income, as you only get paid for your direct time spent with the patient. Your business’s income can’t be scaled by 6+ figure


  • Only offering individual consultations is very time intensive, which will lead to your clinical and personal burnout


  • Only offering individual consultations, results in a strong repetitive element to your clinical consultations.  This will lead to your clinical burnout.


  • Only offering individual consultations considerably limits the number of patients you can physically consult, hence limiting your potential income


  • Only offering individual consultations will limit the number of patients you and your clinic can manage long term adequately, leading to patient loss to follow up and loss to the potential of your income being scaled beyond getting paid for your direct time spent with a client

Information seminar

Book into our next online information seminar on Sunday 15th May 10-11am .  Click here to learn more.



Individual business coaching is available where Helen Bauzon will coach you through each step required to achieve your persoanl business and personal financial goals.   Feel free to book a FREE 30min introductory meeting with Helen via zoom.


Working with like minded individuals within a supportive community is extremely powerful, to learn how to successfully implement strategies into your business to achieve your personal goals. To learn more about what is involved, content will be uploded by end of March. To be notified, please feel free to send Helen an email to register

Over the past 20+ years I have perfected this unlimited support programs.  You may think how can unlimited support be provided and not be overload with inquiries?  There certainly is a guaranteed way to achieve this.  I have perfected this system over the past 15years.

Market research has guided the successful development of this program, with a 90% patient retention rate and clear preference over just individual appointments.

With over 20years experience, I can help you instantly increase your direct consultancy fee by 2-3 fold and reduce your workload by 50%.  With the addition of some software into your clinic, I can further progress your business’s profit margin of a 6 figure within 12months.