diabetesThe diet to help control diabetes is the same as those who wish to lose weight, lower their cholesterol levels, increase their energy levels and more.  The diet to help control diabetes needs to be

low in saturated fat and then high in variety of nutrients such as soluble fibre, antioxidants, omega three fats, soy protein, low glycemic index carbohydrates and small amounts of wine.  In addition to regular exercise.

In consultation with Helen, you will be shown how to eat the ideal balance of protein to carbohydrate in a very simple and practical manner.  In simple terms, if you like to eat pasta, rice, meat and vegetables, Helen will show you how to portion control the meals that you enjoy, and not follow any radical diet.  I know that you understand what to eat in principle, but HOW MUCH?  That’s Helen’s job to show you.

Prior to begin changing your lifestyle to manage your diabetes, it’s crucial you understand what diabetes is.


Alot of people come to the clinics proud that they are eating low glyceamic index foods, but they are still eating too much volume.  If by chance you dont understand the Glycemic Index or need a refresher, please watch the video clip below. You can also download a list of LOW GI foods, by glyceamic clicking here.

A 5 minute video presentation of Helen explaining what the glyceamic Index is featured below