Fluids Post Lap Band Surgery

You will be on a liquid diet immediately post surgery. The actual time frame varies between clinics and you should be guided by the preference of your surgeon.  Back in the year 2000, Helen’s clients were recommended to follow the fluid diet for 4 weeks.

At present this has come down to between 1-2 weeks depending on the surgeons preference at the clinic you are having your gastric band procedure at.

Most importantly the reason for a fluid diet is to ensure the scar tissue is formed between the Lap Band and the stomach to consolidate its position and minimize the risk of the Lap Band slipping.

The correct consistency would be anything thin enough to drink through a straw as large as one you could obtain from McDonalds or boost juice for example.  The liquids can be as thick as a smoothie with no lumps or ‘bumps’ that may get blocked before the lap band.  Fluids do not need to be thin similar to water.  Note the big difference here.  You can view the video below for more details regarding the types of fluids and how to prepare them in the kitchen.

The next issue to consider is the volume of fluids to consume to help meet your nutritional and wound healing needs.

The speed of drinking is crucial to avoid regurgitation.  Watch the clip below.

Depending on whether your surgeon places fluid in the band at the time of surgery and how soon the adjustments begin, this will determine how soon and if your hunger returns soon after surgery.  If this does pose a problem for you, the clip below will help manage the hunger during the fluid phase until the lap band is well adjusted, which on average will require 4-5 adjustments.