Gastric Band – POST surgery Online Presentation

This 90minute presentation is an absolute must for anyone who has a Lap Band. The first 60 mins of the presentation focuses on teaching how to eat the healthy foods to maximize the role of the Lap Band and manage the daily variability the Lap Band throws at you. In an odd way to explain, I am here to teach you to become your own Lap Band doctor and understand how the Lap Band is trying to communicate with you its needs.  When you manage this correctly you will avoid the most common complications of the Lap Band including formation of a pouch, regurgitation and the band failing you.

The four key areas of the presentation includes:

  1. Understanding how the band works as a funnel not a small stomach. It is not a restrictive surgery, and what you need to do to maximize the effect of the band to lose your desired weight
  2. How to create Lap band friendly meals in all social environments, so you fit in
  3. What is the ideal volume of fluid required in the band ensuring that it is not too tight. Or the daily variability of the band will prevent you from eating healthy food and hold your weight loss back.
  4. The ideal combination, consistency and portions of food to eat

Also included is,  a FREE copy of the Gastric Band Nutrition Essential and the Weight Loss Surgery Shopping Guide E-Books.

Please note that access to the online presentation will expire after 3days.

Your investment is $120