Gastric Sleeve Dietary Advice

During the sleeve gastrectomy (SG) surgery, the outer part of the stomach is removed and the shape of the stomach is changed from a sac to a long narrow tube (sleeve). The gastric volume is reduced from approximately 2L to 100–150 mL
All weight loss surgeries main focus is to reduce an individual’s hunger to aid a reduction in food consumed. The sleeve gastrectomy achieves this by removing the top fundus of the stomach that produces the hunger hormone Ghrelin. In addition the capacity of food that can be consumed in one sitting is considerably
reduced down to ½ cup in total.

The small sleeve portion can be stretched so it is not permanent.  The best way to try and minimize this from occurring is to pre measure your portioned meals within a metric half cup and then consume.  Try and avoid feeling 90% of your time.  Feel full, is as though you are asking the sleeve to stretch and provide more capacity.  I dio believe the portion plates and bowl are not ideal.

The key understanding in moving from liquids onto solid food post the sleeve gastrectomy as recommended by your surgeon, is to assess if your sleeve is ready for the next stage. Ensure you can tolerate 1/2 metric cup within 15mins prior to progressing.  Please be guided by what your surgeons preference is with respect to the timing on liquids onto a normal diet.

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