General Weight Loss

Are you fed up with losing weight via radical diets?

Do you constantly think about which diet to try next to lose weight?

Do you continue to gain weight every year?

Let Helen Bauzon show you how to stop dieting and make food your friend so that you eat guilt free. Resulting in you regaining your health and zest for life by losing weight permanently and keeping it off.

Helen Bauzon will help you lose weight by showing you how to portion control the foods you like to eat, not count calories or points (how exciting) and slowly lose centimetres. The most important area of Helen’s work is to help you change your mind set and keep the weight loss once it is lost.

To begin ,organize either an individual appointment with Helen or begin your journey immediately via the general weight loss online presentation.  It will teach you how to eat a little of  everything, without counting one calorie or point.

If you would like to keep in touch with all the workshops and programs that I run throughout the year, feel free to enter your name and email in the form.  You will also recive valuable information to help you begin making some very productive lifestyle changes to help you be lose weight.