Health Coaching With Helen Bauzon

Health coaching is all about providing an intense level of support with daily accountability.  You will learn what you don’t know, that you need to know to lose weight and keep it off.  It is jult like tieing your shoe lace.  You know how to tie your shoe lace, but there is also a more productive way to keep them tied up.  You need to be open minded and willing to change what is not working.

The Melbourne Health Coaching Program with Helen Bauzon consists of:

  1. Weekly consultation sessions with Helen
  2. Unlimited daily accountability via sms and or email
  3. Access to the nutritional and mindset membership site
  4. Monthly group teleconference support calls

What will you achieve by working together with Helen? 

You will learn how to lose weight and most importantly keep it off.  The weekly power motivational sessions with Helen, will take you through the process of changing how you think about food to reduce your guilt and increase your control over the portions of all the food you eat.  Perfectionism will guarantee you failure.  Instead accountability and awareness of your sabotaging habits is the key to keep the weight off.

You will successfully eat with the whole family, friends and work colleagues within all functions and not feel never feel deprived.  This is the only way you will learn how to lose your weight and keep it off with the Health Coaching Program With Helen Bauzon.

There are two options as a 6 or 12 week program.

6 week program

  • 6 week duration.  The fee  $900
  • $150/week

Call Helen on 0413 265 296 to book in or discuss further

12 week program

  • 12week duration.  The fee  $1800
  • $150/week

Call Helen on 0413 265 296 to book in or discuss further