Helen Bauzon

My approach to life is very simple.  Treat people kindly and with respect and life will treat you well.  With everything I achieve I always apply the principles of focus and visualization techniques to draw into my life what I need to grow.

It is these principles that I apply to my clinic and health coaching principles, to also help those who work closely with me to become their best.

I am challenge often and in all areas, to achieve what I would like in life and to stay healthy.

Exercise to me is like oxygen to life.  I recently ran my 2nd half Melbourne Half marathon after 13 years of trials and tribulations overcoming hip issues after having my three children,  I am now training for the full marathon in 2022. To be honest I am just looking to finish to get the medal, time is not important to me.

I personally thrive in helping people to achieve what they desire in life. It makes me shine when others shine.

It is my strong opinion, that perfectionism will guarantee everyone failure.  I often slur my words, or make little errors in my videos that I record.  unless it is an absolute disaster, I never re-record.  I just keep going,  Why?  Because if you try and be too perfect then you just procrastinate and do nothing or little.

So I hope you enjoy the video bloopers below, of when I produced my series of DVD’s.  The content of these videos have  now been incorporated within my full range of videos on my membership site included as part of my online presentations.

I have authored a number of books and DVD’s as indicated below and worked with a number of corporate agencies. These books are now availble as ebooks.

During the FOXTEL healthy lifestyle program, Living Life Now, I presenated as a dietitian over 8 episodes. These videos can be seen within the video blog page