How The Lap Band Works

The most common reason individuals struggle eating the healhtier foods with the Lap Band is due to lack of understaing how the Lap Band works. There are a number of video clips explaining visually how the band teurns off the hunger rather than blocking or stopping the passage of food. Take a look

In most cases, you will be admitted to hospital the same day of your Lap Band surgery (gastric band surgery) and would have been instructed when to begin fasting the night before and how to manage your medication by the clinical nurse.  Lap Band surgery (gastric band surgery) is performed in most cases laparoscopically (i.e. keyhole surgery).

On waking you will have a drip for hydration which will be removed once you are tolerating sufficient fluids orally. You will be discharged from hospital either on the same day or the day after your Lap Band surgery (gastric band surgery)

Below is an animated clip of how the Gastric Band Procedure is administered.

Professor Paul Obrien explains the mechanics of the lap band in the clip below.

Dietitian Helen Bauzon provides an overview of the lap band dietary requirements

Professor Paul O’Brien discusses the importance of maintaining contact with clinic