Lap Band Experience

Lap Band Experience

Helen Bauzon , Leading Expert Bariatric Dietitian, Author, Inspirational Speaker and T.V Presenter, has counseled over 3000 individuals who have had Lap Band surgery.

Helen’s passion is to help every banded individual successfully lose weight by teaching them how to eat normal solid healthy food pain and guilt free, plus help them overcome the weight loss sabotaging behavior of emotional and habit eating.

Helen is often described as a “different dietitian”. Her education style is innovative, entertaining and most importantly simple and very practical, which achieves great weight loss results. People are known to travel hours for Helen’s nutritional assistance.

Helen currently works at The Centre of Bariatric Surgery with Professor Paul O’Brien – founder of the Lap Band in Australia. This position resulted from the constant requests of the medical staff and clients of The Centre of Bariatric Surgery, seeking her involvement with their patient care, since 2008.

In collaboration with Professor Paul O’Brien and the team at Centre of Obesity Research and Education (CORE), Helen has worked on a number of research trials to determine the best practice management protocols for pre and post Lap Band surgery.

Helen also independently consults with a number of other bariatric surgeons a major clinic including The Complete Weight Loss Surgery and previous bariatric work included a 10 year partnership with Lap Surgery Australia.

If you would like to discuss how Helen could assist the dietary service at your bariatric clinic also, feel free to contact her at your earliest convenience.