Fructose Malabsorption

This 60 minute presentation will teach you which foods need to be eaten to become symptom free and how to apply this when eating out and preparing meals at home.  In addition, the presentation will also cover how to re-introduce foods back into your diet to  determine how far you can personally relax your diet and re-introduce as many foods as possible back into your diet and remain symptom free.  There is no need to be on a strict low FODMAP Diet unnecessarily.

Included with this package is a FREE copy of the Digestive Problems E-Book, which contains photographic images of foods  to buy, meal and snack ideas, eating out suggestions and a 7 day low FODMAP calorie controlled meal plan.

Please note that access to the presentation will expire after 24hrs. You can watch this presentation as many times as you like during this time frame.
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