Personal Weight Loss

Helen’s Personal Weight Loss

So why do I even bother to tell you about my weight loss journey? To show you that I, on the other side of the desk, have had to and continue to work through numerous challenges to stay as fit as possible. Hence why I can relate to my clients physical and emotional needs. View my weight loss journey which started back in 2006 after the birth of my third child.

(1) In 2006 Helen had her third child in 3 1/2 years

The journey of every weight loss story is different, on the 28th September 2006, Helen had her third child within 3 ½ years. Helen was unable to exercise during her third pregnancy and required insulin to control the onset of gestational diabetes. A weight gain of 20 kilograms resulted.


(2) Helen Getting Fit & Healthy – 24th Oct 2007

Helen certainly practices what she preaches. She eats a little of everything (thoroughly enjoys her daily treat),combines strength training with running or cycling, now fitting in a size 8. Helen’s final goal is to get her six pack back that she had before her child bearing years and become toned. Look out for her final reveal.


(3) January 2008

After 18 months of eating a little of everything, exercising effectively and never dieting. Helen has regained her toned body similar to that prior to starting her family.

Message from Helen: I strongly recommend that you set yourself weekly goals, reward yourself for achieving them and watch the centimetres drop. Climb the mountain slowly and steadily and you will succeed also. Good-Luck.

(4) July 2008, injured from a car accident

Only eight weeks before I was to run the Melbourne marathon in September 2008, I was t-boned by another car traveling 60km/hr into a telephone pole. Little needs to be said about the concussion and injury to my back that you would expect. I was so adamant that I was to complete the 1/2 marathon run (25km) that I just kept my cardio work up using the bike. I knew I was injured but I had my mind set to complete the race.

(5) September 2008 ran 1/2 marathon

And I did………….. I finished the 25km in 2 1/2 hours. I know a little bit slow, but I had to stop numerous times to stretch out etc. Well I couldn’t walk for 2 weeks after this race but I loved the achievement. Unfortunately since then my exercise has been close to zero, as I really jarred my back during the run and I am still trying to recover.

(6) Gaining strength again, 2012

My Goal ever since has been to get back to running. Since February 2012 I have managed to this in spurts before my injuries hold me back and I have to stop. It is now November 2012 and I have joined the Fernwood gym and getting my strength up slowly again and enjoying life with the family on my 40th birthday. My final goal for 2012 is to get those final few kilos off ready for summer by being able to exercise consistantly as long as my body holds up.

I’ll keep you posted.