Post Weight Loss Surgery:

12 Month Unlimited Support Program

Be stronger than your excuses.

Achieve your desired weight loss goals.

You will be supported, motivated and held accountable.

It’s time get BACK ON TRACK NOW, so you can:

1.  Start losing weight again and get off the plateau

2.  Lose the weight you regained post surgery and keep it off

3.  Reach your personal goal weight and learn how to keep it off


This will allow you to leave behind your negative experience of:

  • feeling unhappy with the current support provided by your clinic


  • feeling like your surgery has not been successful, and seeking help to get back on track


  • Looking for support, accountability and motivation beyond just individual dietitian appointments

About Helen Bauzon

I have educated and coached thousands of clients post Band, Sleeve, Bypass (Roux en Y & Single Anastamosis), since the year 2000.  My passion is to teach you information you can’t google or obtain from your friends and family.  This intricate knowledge can only be gained from medical experience. My style is always very practical and easy to implement changes into your lifestyle and most importantly work through the mindset to curb annoying habits that prevent you from becoming the leanest and strongest version of you.

If You Continue To Struggle and NOT Find a Solution, You Will Fail once again.

This is the reason I have put over 20 years of experience in developing this highly successful, 12month unlimited support program.  You will feel supported, motivated and accountable, to reach your weight loss goal. Details of the program are below:

2 Individual Appointments

A personalized program will be outlined for you, in consultation together with Helen Bauzon, via two individual consultations.  You will be provided with some paperwork to complete which will help Helen obtain a thorough overview of your needs.  100% of your consultation time with Helen will involve coaching you to begin achieving your goals and gain the confidence that you can do this.   Meal plans and books are included, to get you started.

Valued at $290

Unlimited Contact

You will have the ability to contact Helen directly as often as you need  via a facebook private group.  Which will allow the opportunity to share knowledge and outcomes to also motivated others to do as well as you are.  Anything more personal can be directed to Helen via email for support also.  This is in addition to the 3 group meetings you can attend each month also. Previous peoples experience

Valued at $890

Fortnightly 60min Live Zoom Meetings

Every two weeks you will have the opportunity to attend a live zoom group meeting to be held accountable, educated and motivated to learn something new each time to add into your lifestyle, to achieve your weight loss goals.   Guest speakers based on your needs will be organized also.  All zoom meetings are recorded that you can view in your own time, to ensure you never miss out.  Previous peoples experience.

Valued at $1,680

Monthly 45min Sleeve, Bypass, Band Conference Calls

These meeting are conducted via the telephone, where you can ask questions and or listen to the meeting.  Many people attend the call and simply listen to the discussion, others pre email questions for Helen Bauzon to address and others ask question live during the phone meeting.  These meetings are recorded to allow you to listen to in your own time and never miss out.  Previous peoples experience.

Valued at $600

Unlimited Access To A Series of Coaching Videos

Absolutely everything you need to know to lose weight and keep it off, is immediately accessible to you via a series of videos produced by Helen Bauzon.  These will help you successfully maximize your weight loss surgery to control hunger and your calorie intake, manage non hungry/emotional eating, understand the ideal balance of meals, how to get off platues plus more.  There are over 23 topics covered with additioanl content added monthly.  Previous peoples experience.

Valued at $2,300

The total value of the 12 month unlimited support weight loss surgery program is $5,760.

Your personal investment in your success is only $695

2 payment options are available


Thank you for taking the time to learn about this opportunity to get you back on track and stay there.

If you would like to discuss this further, feel free to contact Helen. If you would like a modified 12month support program with a smaller fee, please click here for the details