Weekly weight loss meetings

The key to losing weight is to feel a part of a community and be supported on a regular basis to lose and keep your weight off. t’s not easy to going alone and going to the gym/exercise class every other day ALONE!! This group’s purpose is to motivate each other for a common goal… that is for WEIGHT LOSS on a permanent basis!

We will discuss anything the group is struggling with plus specific topics such as new food products to buy, recipes, exercise tips plus more.  You can keep accountable by on a monthly basis jump on the Tanita scales which will provide you a record of your body composition such as percent fat, muscle, hydration, metabolic rate and more.

Remember this is a diet free zone. Do not come expecting or wanting a diet to go onto. We prefer to eat real food and lose weight and help manage the diabetes, cholesterol and if you have had weight loss surgery, to work in partnership with your surgery type.

When you are around other like minded people who are health conscious and want to make a difference in their life, this ill only inspire you to want to do better.  

On a weekly basis from each Wednesday 7pm to 7.45pm the Uniquely Transformed  team conduct fun and interactive meetings. 

As a Uniquely Transformed member this meeting is free. Everyone is welcome for a small investment to their health for $10.  Feel free to just come along.  To book in all you need to do is contact us to let us know you will be coming. 

Come as often as you would like, you are not locked in ever.  We understand that life can get very busy and attending can be challenging on occasions.  For best weight loss results we would encourage atleast attending every two weeks for your momentum.  The gym is located at 11 Bertrand Avenue Mulgrave.