Please choose one of the options below for support that you need post your weight loss surgery.


  1. An individual appointment to start with and then book review appointments as needed, please click here to book in
  2. A 12month unlimited support program, please click here to purchase
  3. I am struggling with the Gastric Band and Need help, click here to watch the master class video
  4. I am regaining weight post surgery, due to emotionl eating, click here to watch the master class video


Details are summarised in the table below with a detailed description of the 12month program below the table.

Within the 12month post surgery support program, all online teleconference and live zoom meetings including the guest speakers, nutritional and mindset meetings by Helen Bauzon are all recorded to allow you to review in your own time if unable to attend live.  The unlimited email support with Helen, allows you to be educated and supported within 24 to 48hrs of any concern that you have.

This saves you time and money to book an appointment to have any concern addressed.  With over 25yers experience of counselling thousands of individuals who have had weight loss surgery, every answer to every question is covered in the program and support provided by Helen.

There is no need to Google and get confused and make your journey more challenging than is required.  Looking forward to supporting you to your long term success.

Feel free to also contact Helen Bauzon to discuss your personal needs further, prior to making a decision.  Click here to join Helens, private facebook group also

Struggling to Lose Weight With The Gastric Band

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Is non-hungry eating causing weight regain ?

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