Helen’s weight loss surgery support can be broken down into either you are seeking support pre surgery or post surgery support.

If you have had weight loss surgery and you may be dissatisfied with the dietetic support at your current clinic, you need a reboot with a new coach, you are struggling to achieve your weight loss and or keep it off, Helen has two options for post your Bariatric Support, please click here to learn more


To help you make a decision about which surgery is best for you, please click here to watch the master class put together by Helen to support your journey.  Feel free to make an appointment to discuss your need further with Helen also.

If you have had the gastric band are are struggling, Helen would highly recommend you watch the online presentation she put together, that will get you back on track.

If you have had surgery and need help because you are regaining weight, there are two options from here.  Feel free to watch a video Helen has put together to support you getting back on track if your struggling with non hungry eating.  For best result with 12months unlimited support, please click here to view what is included.